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via negativa

anarchist publishing
& distribution


do you ship internationally?

we ship worldwide!

how much are the shipping costs?

that depends on where you are located. check this table to see which zone our shipping provider has assigned to the state-occupied territory you find yourself in. then check below for an estimation of the shipping costs per zine. the actual shipping costs will be calculated during checkout.

1 zine€3,05€4,87€4,87€4,87
2-4 zines€4,04€8,06€8,06€8,06
5-8 zines€4,77€10,12€10,12€10,12
9-16 zines€4,77€10,12€12,90€20,11
17+ zines€8,11€14,54€20,21€27,47

note: these prices include packaging costs and the 2.9% fee Stripe charges us for international payments. for our convenience, the €0,25 base fee that Stripe charges per payment is included in the final shipping price during checkout, and so is added on top of the prices above.

when will I receive my order?

we try to process orders every weekend. we'll notify you when your order has shipped. domestic orders will probably arrive the next working day. check this document for estimated international shipping times. if you ordered only 1 braille zine, 1-8 small print zines or 1-4 large print zines, then your shipping time will be under Letters and (letterbox) Packets Priority. for orders with more than 1 braille zine, or the equivalent of more than 8 small print zines (4 large print), shipping times will be under Parcels.

how do you print braille?

we got lucky and managed to acquire a second-hand ViewPlus SpotDot at a very good price. this printer allows us to print both braille and tactile graphics at 20dpi.

what paper do you use?

we typically use Muskat Brown 160gsm for the cover of our zines, and Nautilus Classic 80gsm for the inner pages. both are 100% recycled. for our print services we also offer PaperWise Natural 80gsm, which is made from agricultural waste.

would you publish or distribute my work?

depends on whether we like it or not! contact us to discuss the possibilities.

what payment options do you offer?

at the moment, you can only pay with credit card in our online store. contact us if that's not an option for you.

do you make a profit?

no. our prices are basically cost prices. not really, because some formats cost more than others, but we hate ableism and so offer all formats at the same price. in the end, it should all balance out. we hope. any accidental surplus will flow right back into the project.

can I donate?

yes, you can add a donation to your order on the shop page. they're much appreciated!

what do you do with donations?

donations don't necessarily go towards the project. they probably will though.