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via negativa

anarchist publishing
& distribution


in theology, via negativa refers to the practice of approaching God by way of negation, speaking only in terms of what he is not—for he cannot be positively defined. we appropriate these words and apply them to anarchy, the idea of which, to us at least, is perfectly described by their meaning: 'negative way'. anarchy for us is negative, is negation. it is resistance to any and all positivisms, a refusal to define and be defined. it is seeking destruction to construct no-thing, a void but certainly not de-void. and it is indeed a way, as in a way of being, or a path we tread.

we hope to publish and distribute works that illuminate this path, and that may even inspire you to walk it too. our own publications are offered in braille, large print and small print—all at the same price (because fuck ableism), in the end covering only our costs. if we make more from sales of our publications, it will flow right back into the project. we do take donations, in case you want to support our work and help us pay rent.

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